Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The paranormal. She speaks 121 languages.

 Some months ago it was an usual day and I was sitting in front of my computer. I watched some videos on the web. Everyone knows that there is so much useless information in the web but sometimes one can find something significant, something that will have an influence on him, maybe something that will change his life. At a web-page I saw a title and it woke my interest. It said 'Tatti Valo's phenomena'.

I began to look through news, articles, videos to get more information on this subject. The woman called herself Tatti Valo. It was a Finnish name. She claimed that 'Tatti Valo' was her name in the nearest past lives, she lived in Finland then... Well, I will tell you about her from the beginning.

It happened in a Russian school in Anapa.

Natasha Beketova (Tatti Valo) fell into a faint. When she came to consciousness, she could speak 121 languages including Swahili and old dialects.

Natasha is 23. She works in a manufactured goods shop in Anapa (it is near the Black sea (North East)). Some years ago German had come hardly to her at school. But one day when her mathematics teacher was shouting at her during a school test, suddenly Natasha fell into a faint.She came to consciousness quickly. She began to speak but nobody understood her. All the teachers gathered around her. One of them could hardly understand her, Natasha spoke Old English. She said "My name is Bonnie Ann Macdonald". People tried to talk to her but Natasha did not understand them, so they did not either.

"I really forgot Russian, I needed an ABC book and three days to remember Russian.But I did not understand how these 121 languages had come to my mind. I could speak Old Chinese, English of Shakespeare times, Mongolian, Old Japanese, Arabic, French, Latin, Italian of Renaissance age, Etruscan, Old Slavonic, Spanish, Old Persian and many others... Experts said that.They also detected that I spoke dead languages, languages of different tribes some of these tribes lived in the 6 century BC" Moscow linguists were shocked when they saw Natasha. They said "It's impossible".

Natasha said that she could speak 121 languages because she remembered 121 past lives (partially). In her last live he lived in Germany and he died in 1920 from typhus. She was 13 then.

Well, Natasha was the first who translated the Phaistos Disc correctly. Many scientists had tried to decipher the disc before but they encountered many problems. The riddle of the Phaistos Disc had been left unguessed until it went into the hands of Tatti Valo. However it is said that a Russian scientist had translated the disc before Natasha but he made some mistakes.

Unfortunately  it seems Tatti Valo gave an interview only to Russian mass media. So I had to cut the interview and make subtitles...


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  2. But how is this possible....Very interesting, and how is possible that news unspreaded around the world...Somehow I beleive in this story and me myself I dont know why I beleive...I ask myself who we r the humans...Is it true about reincarnation, the soul, and etc...

    1. of course every thing that has a proof is true